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The Sign of Seven Trilogy by Nora Roberts

by , Jan 21, 2009
I have long been a fan of Nora Roberts and her new trilogy hasn't let me down one bit.

If you have ever read anything by Nora Roberts you would know that she has an amazing talent for storytelling. One of the biggest reasons I enjoy her books is because she has the ability to tell such a wide variety of stories, in all different genres and still manage to keep you glued to the page.
The same is true about the newest trilogy, The Sign Of Seven. This series is about a group friends who unwittingly release something evil on their shared tenth birthday, and how they come to conquer it and save their town.
The first in the trilogy is Blood Brothers . Here we are introduced to the three main characters, Caleb, Fox, and Gage, all friends who were born on the same day, same year. Join them as they wander into Hawkins Wood for a secret camping trip on their tenth birthday, share their shock and fear as they accidentally release what can only be described as pure evil, that sets its sights on their town for seven days. Then it returns every seventh year, for seven days, in the seventh month. See them as adults and meet the three women who arrive in town to help them beat back this evil demon. Follow along with Cal as he falls in love with Quinn, an author of paranormal books. Meet Cybil, Quinn's research assistant. Layla, who comes to Hawkins Hollow for reasons she can't explain.
The second book in is The Hollow. This one is told from Fox's side. The demon is growing stronger and his attacks on the six of them more frightening and frequent. Fox will do anything necessary to keep his family and his town safe. But will they survive this time?
The third and final book is The Pagan Stone. Gage left town as soon as he was old eough and only returns on the seven. At times he regrets even coming back to the town where his abusive father still lives. Will this time back be his last? Is he destined to die for this town he would rather leave? Despite his denial, will he fall for Cybil, changing his life, if he lives?
These three books will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you want to kee the lights on at night. Nora Roberts knows how to spin a tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Find out more about Nora and check out her book list at Nora Roberts Read more about this trilogy at You won't be disappointed!
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Katie said...

I'm glad to read this and learn more about Nora Roberts. I have been meaning to get some of her books because they're promoted so heavily at my favorite book-swapping site,, but there are so many of them there I didn't know where to start. Sounds like I can't go wrong wherever I start, but I like to know about trilogies, or which books one should read in which order when starting a new author. Thanks very much!

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