Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Things to Look Out For When Collecting Antique Books

Old books are out of date, obsolete and boring - right? While you may think so, there are plenty of antique books floating around that many people will pay up to thousands of dollars to buy from you. Not any old book, mind you. These are rare historical books that have a market of collectors wishing to buy them.
Many people have old and antique books at their house and have no idea how much they are worth. Below you will find some helpful tips in trying to appraise how much an antique book is valued in the market place.
As with other types of antiques, there are no hard and fast rules about how much an antique book is worth. However, there are some guidelines that will help you in determining how much you may be able to get for it. The number one factor is rarity. It is simply about supply and demand - the more rare the book is the more it will worth to someone if there is a demand for it.
First edition books are usually the most sought after versions. Typically, they are the rarest types and therefore the more valuable than editions published after it.
Other rare versions are those that have typographical errors. More often than not the publisher will withdraw a book with an error and therefore they are in limited supply in the general antique market place. Other rare editions are those with autographs from famous or historical persons.
The second factor that can cause a book to increase or decrease its value is its condition. The closer a book condition is to is original condition the more it will be worth. Any marks, stains, page tears or binding wear can decrease a books value markedly. However, any written remarks and notes by famous people or the author can actually cause the value of the antique book to increase.
Oftentimes, evaluating the value of an antique book can be very bewildering, so whether you're going to buy an antique book or sell one, it is recommended to consult an expert first to examine the antique book's real worth. But make sure that you do your own research, because trusting solely another's word can be deceiving.
Because the condition of a book is very important in determining its value, you really should store any antique books in a proper and book friendly place. Extreme conditions can cause paper to undergo certain chemical reactions that will damage their condition. Therefore, avoid place any old books in humid, hot, wet places or anywhere where there is direct sunlight.
Also, avoid storing books in places that release acidic vapors, such as unsealed woods. and placing them in your basement, under plumbing and water pipe. Flat, smooth shelves will do. But if you have enough budget, try storing them in high quality archival boxes. With proper care, you sure will find wealth in what you thought is already rubbish. []Antique Wall Clocks can be purchased in Richard Neesal's website where hundreds of antique clocks are available for sale, including []Seth Thomas, Kroeber, Sessions, Welch, Waterbury and Swiss.

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