Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Book Review - Switched at Birth

A memoir with a twist, "Switched at Birth: My Life in Someone Else's World" by Frederick J. George examines the coincidences of life and the sense of humor of fate. Placed in the wrong bassinet in the hospital, Frederick didn't confirm the switch until he was 57, and the parents he had grown up with were already passed on; his birth mother the only parent left to embrace in this deeply moving time.
His father had always been suspicious, even accusing Frederick's mother of having had an affair. He always looked a little bit different than his siblings in the family photos, and had slightly different interests, but Fred had tried to fit in. Fate also tried, making efforts to step in, crossing the paths of both boys and their families over the years. Fred's brother was even friends with the switched boy, Jim. Ironic is the word that comes to mind, almost unbelievable is the tale.
Fred shares the histories of both of his families and how he came to understand them. He opens up, telling readers of his relationship with his birth mother, as it began so much later than it possibly should have, and his relationships with his plethora of siblings. Discovering an additional family history helps Frederick to find out who he really is and who he might have been.
The writing is reminiscent of the passed down family legend, purely memoir, remembered and shared in honesty. This is an interesting book about a twist of fate.
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