Friday, June 13, 2008

Our Names Changed the Day You Were Born

My name changed to "Daddy"
When Eli my son,
Arrived on this earth
And I became all 'undone.'
The excitement I experienced
Sent shivers down my spine;
This little boy-person
Who made himself known quite loudly that night.
Eli, Eli my son and my pride;
My joy and delight,
My excitement at daybreak
My peace in the night.
I long to teach you
The things men do
Like hunting and fishing,
To be a man through and through.
Along with all those things
The most important is this
To love the Lord God;
In doing this you won't miss...
The contentment of knowing
Your whole life through
That he'll always be with you
And eternity too!
I want you to pattern
As you see what I do,
As I love your sweet mother,
May you love her too.
For the best thing a man
Can do for his child
Is to love their mother
With abandoned delight.
So to you, my son
May you love life to the max,
And love your Creator
Who gave you life with no lack.
I love you Eli, my son,
From the moment you were conceived
I knew in my heart
There would be no other like you
You would be a part...
Of the family we established
When we promised we'd be true
Now it's you and Daddy and Me
And they'll be others with you too!
You are the first of our true love,
We waited with pure glee
For the day you would arrive
To complete our home - you, Daddy and me!
As I lay with you upon my breast,
Hear your strong heart beat,
Feel the softness of your skin and baby smell
Thank you Lord for such a treat!
Mommies have this special place
Where her children always live.
And you, Eli will be my baby
Even when you're twenty-six! :-)
Eli, Eli my sweet boy,
I know that you need both,
Tenderness from my Mommy heart
And wildness from your Daddy's soul.
In the night when we're alone
Our communion is so sweet
You're at my breast so pure and soft
It makes my heart skip a beat.
You are the gift I've longed so for
Expressing itself in you;
The union with the man I love
Life has just become brand new.
I love you Eli!
©creations by peg
Peg Salmon

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