Monday, June 2, 2008

Harlequin Romance at Its Best - Considering the Street of Dreams and Love in Your Life

It is no doubt that Harlequin Romance novels and books have sold more than any other Romance serious. Should you read a Harlequin Romance book? Well, it is up to you, being a guy, my first answer was;
"No Way in Hell, would I ever read a romance novel or chick book!"
And then I lost a bet to a lady friend of mine and she happened to have one in her purse and said;
"You lose; there will be a test tomorrow!"
And so I read the book from cover to cover, a book whose subtitle promises; "Romance, Suspense, and Adventure at its best!" Ha ha ha, I thought, very funny, okay I decided, I'll give it a shot. What book did I read, well, I almost do not want to admit it, but, the book was pretty darn good actually, but don't you dare tell anyone, that I said so, I have a manly image to uphold. The book is:
"Street of Dreams" by Lynn Leslie - 1990.
Wow, this has got to be one of the most powerful and intriguing Harlequin Romance Novels of all time, and Lynn Leslie captures the reader from the first line and takes you on a fast paced story, with suspenseful insight and romance. From cemeteries to downtown and back again, you will not put this book down. After reading this wonderful work, I gave it back to my friend and she asked; "Did you like it?" I lied and said it was okay, not wishing to be thought of as a chick-flick type lover, but the reality was that I really did like it, and it was better than a lot of other books I have read. Buy a Harlequin today.
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