Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So, You Like Westerns - Here is a Book Review for You

What was winning the west really like, how have those days gone by shaped our civilization today? You might be quite surprised how although things have changed, such as cars, trucks and planes, the wild west is still in us all and this is one of those books that takes you there and back again full circle until you realize this very fact. To which book do I refer you ask? Well, the book title is appropriate to its message, memory and madness:
"Western Madness" by Harvey T. Boyd - 1994.
The reader will get a history lesson of the old west and the history of Arizona from the ancient Indians to the first newspapers that brought information to settlers. Learn about Bisbee Arizona, in its hay day, learn about outlaws, mining and the reality of "okay coral" and what really happened in the day of Tombstone. Historical fiction at its best, that is the best of the old West; from that areas inception thru the 1940s.
The book takes us through Show Low, Holbrook, Winslow, the Navajo Nation, Hopi Indian Territory, in the 1920s,30s,40s and beyond and how that effects current events in the present period. This book was well researched and quite intriguing. The story is great, but best of all is all the Arizona history you will learn along the way and in the end you will find that the wild-west is still alive and well today.
Few authors are able to tell such a story bathed in history and delivering such a power punch of reality to all we are and all we know. I highly recommend this book, by two, one for a friend.
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