Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lost At Sea- Rainbow Fish & Friends

The importance of following instructions and being responsible are highlighted in this story. Marcus Pfiester ,the swiss author, uses very vivid watercolour drawings of fishes in his stories. His fishes take on human characteristics and touch on common topics that kids face.
In this story the fishes contemplated stealing the crystals from the Crystal Caverns. The 4 fishes edge one another on to see who would be the first one to take a crystal from the cavern and bring it home. Tug, wanting to make Rainbow fish happy, attempted to take one of the crystals. In the meanwhile Rainbow fish left with the group moved off to view another section of the caverns as he was interested to view the diamonds. He didn't wait for his buddy Tug to prompt him to stay together with the group.
This story addresses the issue of peer pressure, honesty and responsibility. It talks about the importance of following the teacher's instructions especially when they are on a field trip out of school.
There are many different books in the Rainbow Fish series. There are even books in the series catered to babies and toddlers which focus on Counting, ABC's and 1-2-3s.
This series of books also comes in Spanish for Spanish readers.
I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
ISBN 1-59014-002-8
This book is printed by Night Sky Books- A division of North-South Book Inc
Rachel Dominique Goh is a elementary school teacher and a mother to two hyperactive toddlers. You can read more about her experience as a mother and educator at

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