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Angels & Demons: A Book Review

by , Jan 5, 2008
How can you combine Science & Religion in one fast-paced and fun book? This fictional novel shows you how it's done.
Since I saw Angels & Demons by Dan Brown in a bookstore shelf, I've always wanted to read it. I never did read its book synopsis or anything about it at all - never researched it online or even asked anyone who've read it and never touched it. I used to just look at it whenever I see it thinking "One of these days I"ll be reading you'. And so, when I finally bought the book, it came as a surprise to me that it's about one of the famous rivalries on Earth today!
Angels & Demons is indeed an intelligent and fascinating read. The Science vs. Religion angle is superbly written. Truly I say to you, this is a fun, educational and Christian-inspired book-in-one! No it does not preach religion nor does it teach math or science, but it somehow deals with all of them.
Since the existence of science, Christianlity has always found a way to condemn scientists' findings or to punish those who proves otherwise what the church had been teaching. In all those centuries ago, a lot of people were killed, condemned or prosecuted because of science and it's proof of how things actually are; which disproved how the Bible explained those same things.
Dan Brown excellently and carefully weaved a story that somehow answers questions about religion and science but also leads us in search of more answers. It allows the reader to question his/her beliefs in a Higher Being and our trust in Science and Technology.
If science can prove that what the Bible says can actually be scientifically done, where then would religion go? Would science be finally able to be connected with Religion? What use will we have of Christianity or religion in general once science has “revealed” all Christianity's secrets? Would religion and belief in God cease to exist? But where would the “shattered” universal mysteries and people's faith go? Where will science bring it? These are the questions that may arise upon reading this book.
If one reads it more intently, understand it without bias and ponder on the sort of wisdom it imparts, the answers may come to each of us.
I believe this book also shows that science and religion need not be in contrast with each other, rather should be looked upon as partners - much like coffee & cream, yin & yang, the sun & moon or man & woman.
Certainly, all things come from something and yes, all God's miracles may someday be explained and scientifically done but still a Higher Being is no doubt behind everything (even science) and vice versa.
On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most excellent, I give this book a perfect 10!
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