Friday, September 19, 2008

Duma Key Review - A Look Into Stephen King's Novel

I've recently finished reading the new novel by Stephen King called Duma Key. I wanted to write this short review about Duma Key to share with you what I feel about it.
Duma Key is a novel which portrays the strengths of Stephen King's writing over the years:
1. His ability to create compelling and deep characters
2. His ability to develop rich and natural dialogs.
3. His vast imagination which breeds continuous new terrors and ways to enthrall us readers.
4. His ability to frighten us and make us laugh at the same time.
There was a time, a few years back, when it seemed that King's writing has faltered a bit, as if he's lost his edge. However, now it seems that the fountain of King's creativity is far from dry. Duma Key is a living proof as it's a novel which I enjoyed immensely and which can assume a place of honor among King's numerous works.
Duma Key is the story of a man by the name of Edgar Freemantle who suffers an horrific work related accident which deprives him of an arm and inflicts upon him a severe head injury which impairs his memory. He retreats from his Minnesota home to a rented place in Florida, on a secluded stretch of beach called Duma Key.
Here he resumes his long lost talent of painting and begins producing work of astounding beauty and power. However, the force of Edgar's pictures isn't confined to the canvas, for soon, his work begins to infringe upon the real world and to threaten him, his friends, and his family. Now that Edgar realizes what that he has unleashed a terrible force, he must face this dark entity and fight what he has helped to awaken.
I won't say anymore so as not to spoil it for you. I truly believe that this is a book you should read. I highly recommend Duma Key to any lover of fiction and suspense.
To read more about this book, visit this webpage: []Duma Key Review.
John Davenport is an author and and avid reader. To read more about Stephen King's work, click here: []Stephen King Review

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Suko said...

Is it too late to comment?
I enjoyed your review, Christy.
I've just finished reading Duma Key and have written my own review on my blog about books, Suko's notebook.

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