Saturday, August 30, 2008

Michael Connelly - Master Crime Writer

For satisfactory recreational reading there is nothing better than a good murder mystery because they are some of the best books to read for relaxation and pleasure.
And, we are not talking about potboilers either - there are writers who not only offer interesting characters and good plots (with all the twists and turns); but who are good writers of the language which adds immensely to the pleasure of reading.
It's not just the 'good yarn' that brings you back to an author - it's his development of the lead characters that also grabs your interest and who become the thread woven throughout all of the series.
Brass Verdict: due in October 2008, is Michael Connelly's next Book, and looks to be all his fans could desire ..... a teaming up of Harry Bosch with Mickey Haller from The Lincoln Lawyer.
While Bosch remains (probably) the favourite protagonist, Connelly's occasional forays into other 'territory' has produced equally satisfactory works - maintaining his usual standard of writing and avoiding the pitfalls of becoming formulaic and contrived.
Although this might read like a paid advertisement - it isn't (wish it was) - I just think he's that bloody good and urge you to read him - and if you have - start re-reading him - it's a well worth exercise. His books are like a fine wine - you just savour them.
This quote from a review of "Trunk Music" (1997) clearly expresses why I recommend Michael Connelly's books:"Another terrific Harry Bosch tale...I just can't get enough of Harry Bosch and his adventures. Connelly really has his stuff together in "Trunk Music".
Getting his stuff together began right off with his first novel and has continued in all subsequent books - with or without Harry Bosch.
I find his books to be vastly entertaining and authentic with a wonderfully atmospheric feel for the locale and characters that populate his tales. His talent for skillful writing, deft dialogue, solid plotting combined with nuanced and rich characterization ensure high anxiety plots that always deliver on every level. There is no doubt in my mind that he is up at the top rank of crime writers.
Incidentally, I just love the title of his 3rd novel......The Concrete Blonde It has to be one of the best titles ever ..... it just grabs my fancy!
He doesn't just simply churn out novels to make a buck and then gradually decline into clich├ęs, formulaic writing, contrived plotting or the implausible as some writers have done after initially giving us really good books to read...... Clive Cussler being a main offender at this.
With Connelly, I recommend you start from the beginning of his series to obtain maximum benefit - all of the novels have maintained a high standard of storytelling and writing excellence.
The Harry Bosch Novels are:
The Black Echo (1992)
The Black Ice (1993)
The Concrete Blonde (1994)
The Last Coyote (1995)
Trunk Music (1997)
Angels Flight (1999)
A Darkness more than Night (2001) [Features Bosch and McCaleb]
City of Bones (2002)
Last Light (2003)
The Narrows (2004)
The Closers (2005)
Echo Park (2006)
The Overlook (2007)
Brass Verdict (October 2008)
The Poet (1996) [This features reporter Jack McEvoy]
Blood Work (1998) [Introduces Terry McCaleb]
Void Moon (2000)
Chasing the Dime (2002)
The Lincoln Lawyer (2005) [Meet Mickey Haller]
Peter Damien Ryan

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