Monday, June 16, 2008

Miranda A. Grant I'm getting a baby sister.... Not!

by Rebecca Anne Grant
22 pages; Saddle stitched; illustrated children's book; catalogue #07-3058; ISBN 1-4251-6604-0; US$14.00, C$14.00, EUR9.56, £7.23
Miranda wants a baby sister. She has two annoying brothers already. She totally denies the fact that the baby could turn out to be another boy, until it is.

About the Book
Miranda A. Grant, I’m getting a baby sister….Not!, is about a ten year old girl who is tired of being the only girl in a family with three children, her being the middle child. Miranda watches her brothers do things together and wishes she had someone to do things with too. She begs her parents for a baby sister for an entire year, before they agree to try to give her one. She waits ten long months for her mom to get a baby in her tummy, and then she has to wait nine more just to see the new baby. The whole time, she works very hard to help her poor tired mother do chores. After all the waiting and work, the time finally comes to see her new baby sister. Only, it’s not a sister at all. It’s another boy. Miranda realizes he’s just too cute to want to send him back. After a while, she figures out that he likes her better than her two brothers and ends up so close to him that she wouldn’t trade him for two sisters.
About the Author
Rebecca Anne Grant lives in Alexander County, in North Carolina. She is a writer, poet, illustrator, photographer/(Tiny-Paws-Kennel) owner. She had two poems published in 2004 with “The International Library of Poetry”. “Dad’s Only Boy?” earned her the “Editor’s Choice Award”. “Memories With a Friend, Mom” was published in “THE BEST POEMS AND POETS OF 2004”. Rebecca has earned a diploma with highest honors in “Creative Writing” and is currently working toward another diploma with highest honors in “Writing Stories for Children”. She plans to publish a book of poetry in the very near future and take a course in copywriting. She also plans to pursue a diploma with highest honors in “Art”. If you would like to know more about Rebecca and where to see more of her work, then go to her website at where you can find all the links to her work. If you would like to send her a comment on what you thought about her book, then go to her website and email her. She will reply to all comments.

Ordering information for this book can be found at

A note from MrsT. I have read and enjoyed Rebecca Anne Grants articles and stories and I am excited that she has published her first book. Congrats Rebecca! I hope it is a bestseller!

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