Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dali & I - A Story About Style

The newspaper ABC dedicated a page to the book that has been published recently: Dali & I - A surreal story (more on this work is to be found at this (1) site).
The article started about the famous moustache of Dali followed about his care for personal hygiene and about his work. The headline says it all: "Salvador Dali, falser than Judas."
Stan Lauryssens is a Belgian author who was Dali's ex collaborator. Why this work is published now, nearly twenty years after the death of Dali isn't mentioned in the article. But rather than "a surreal story" I would say it is a story about fraud, if the article has summarized the book well.
The there are many false paintings of Dali in circulation is commonly known. This book explains more about the "truth" of these false paintings: was Dali the one who merely accepted to sign blank canvasses offered by his guardians (accepted version of the "allegations" about false paintings) or was it Dali who initiated this process by signing a blank canvass and to tell his guardians - like Lauryssens - to sell them. According to this book Dali initiated it all.
Another curious passage is when Kirk Douglas is invited to stay at their (Dali's and Gala's) House and that Gala is going over his pockets while Kirk is outside ... The story doesn't end with the demystification of Dali but also of his wife Gala.
Whether this book will damage Dali's imagine is uncertain. Perhaps it is all part of his character and the transient property of surrealism. Perhaps it matches perfectly with his style as we know it.
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