Friday, June 27, 2008

6th Target Written by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Another good story involving the Women's Murder Club that these two authors have continued to create new and novel cases for these sleuths who have worked together to solve many cases.
Children of well-to-do people are missing. There must be a connection since only the rich were involved-at least, so far. But there is another mystery unconnected to the missing children. Fred Brinkley and his handgun, Bucky, was on the ferry when he started shooting seemingly random people on the boat just before the boat docked. "Voices" told him to kill them. One of the injured was Claire Washburn, Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer's best friend, Medical Examiner, and a member of the Women's Murder Club. Claire tried to talk Brinkley down but the voices would not leave his head. Brinkley took off as the boat hit the docks, leaving a trail of blood and death behind on the ferry.
Boxer was off duty but was called to the crime scene and responded immediately, seeing all the blood and bodies on the ship. When she discovered that Claire was one of the victims she took a deep interest in finding this monster. Claire's young son, Willie, was also on the ferry and had taken off after the shooter at once. When Boxer arrived on scene, she took off after the boy; Willie wanted to keep track of the shooter not knowing what he would do next. Boxer found Willie and sent him to the hospital to be with his mother. There was a person shooting cam-corded pictures of the entire scene on the ferry, so the proof was there as to who shot and where he aimed. The proof was there and police were positive they would have no problem getting this killer off the street fast.
The other case of the kidnapped children was still ongoing and the only tie-in police could find was to an organization of nannies that worked for the rich but were highly thought of in character and past life.
When Brinkley was caught he admitted shooting those people because voices told him to do it. As one would expect, mental problems came into the courtroom with the defense and turned the case into a circus. Sure there was all kinds of proof that Brinkley had killed those people but he was not thinking properly at the time, so claimed the defense! The authorities were enraged knowing in their minds that if this man were set free, he would do the same thing over and over.
Several other cases came into play in the book, all of which were well diagramed and written. The reader will have strong feelings about the ferry killer, the child kidnapper, and an apartment house killer. These stories all were eventually resolved one way or another and keep the reader very much into the book.
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