Thursday, May 1, 2008

Strangers In Death, By Nora Roberts, Writing As J.D. Robb

The setting is 2060, New York. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is called to a murder scene involving wealthy businessman Thomas Anders. Apparently, Anders was into kinky sex and liked to be tied up. Well, whoever he was with last, tied him up so tight, that they strangled him too! Looking around the crime scene, Eve notices all of the little things that add up to the fact that Thomas Anders knew his murderer.
The first logical suspect is always the spouse. But Ava Anders has an air tight alibi. She was off on a mini retreat with her girlfriends on a tropical island. So how could she possibly be involved? But certain actions by Ava are suspicious. For instance...when she was informed of the news about her husband's death, she ordered breakfast to her room and she also did not wake her girlfriends with her horrible news. She only left them a note when she left to go back home. But these actions don't necessarily mean that she is guilty. No one can judge exactly how a person will react to horrible news.
As with Roberts style, she gives a fair amount of coverage to Peabody, her assistant. Peabody is married to Mc Nab and they are always doing something zany to keep their marriage filled with spark. Roberts also introduces a few new detectives who you can expect to read more of in her future novels.
What can you say about the chemistry between Dallas and her husband Rourke? HOT HOT HOT !!! Roberts leaves no stone unturned to the readers imagination.The steamy sex scenes between Eve and Rourke are explicit and makes you wonder what type of book you are really reading!
This is a must read book! Roberts delves into the world of kinky sex and pulls no punches in including sex toys in the story. A different spin to the Eve Dallas novels and exciting to read!
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