Monday, May 12, 2008

The Friday Night Knitting Club By Kate Jacobs

This is a "chick" book and I loved it. If you're twenty-two or seventy-two, you will find yourself reflected back in the characters of this book. Each character has there own separate voice that sometimes, as in life, strays from the ideal we each set in our minds...
Actually this is my favorite part of the book...viewing the prism each character interprets their experience and how this certain prism impacts the "truth." We see the surface of behaviors and then pull back the curtain to discover "the hurts" driving each character.
While I read, I was reminded that each of us can only view the other in part, much is hidden. It is the hidden parts that must be revealed and brought out into the light for peace to be found...As in the main character Georgia's stubborn, proud attitudes that kept her from opening letters her lover's, James, sent years before. How often to do each of us create upsetting events, even words in our minds that never come to pass?
These characters are sometimes frustrating in their self-sabotage, but isn't that the truth of it? Isn't each of us truly our own worst critic? Judge and jury? Making assumptions based on our own fears and hurts instead of stepping back and viewing the full picture.
What helps to soften the self-sabotage is humor. The book is funny and insightful. The characters often poke fun at their own faults and of each other too. It feels very natural and human.
Best of all, this book of complicated emotions and behaviors doesn't end with your traditional happy ending. Like life, it's good and bad...and even sometimes, seemingly unfair. Happy reading!
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