Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mary, Mary

Another incredible book by world renowned author, James Patterson.
Mary, Mary is yet another book in the series about Dr. Alex Cross. Others include the movie Along Came a Spider in which Morgan Freeman plays Dr. Cross, a forensic profiler.
James Patterson is in my opinion the best writer of all time. He knows how to really grab the attention of his audience and his cross-referencing to Dr. Cross' experiences in other books makes one feel part of the story. You didn't need to read the whole series to make sense of each book individually, however.
He doesn't beat about the bush with senseless, long-winded descriptions and setting the mood - instead he sticks to the story at hand with just enough detail to make the story realistic.
Mary, Mary is the story of the killings of famous Hollywood celebrities. After each brutal murder, a well-known newspaper editor receives an email describing in much detail how the murder took place and the emotions the writer felt at the time. It is signed off by 'Mary Smith'.
Also present throughout the book is 'The Storyteller' who first killed someone right in the beginning of the book.
Each plot is carefully worked out, yet so realistic that it seems to just fall in place. The suspense is incredible and the end totally unanticipated, like with all Patterson's books.
Each of the 103 chapters are short enough to be read in quick 5 minute intervals during a busy day, yet long enough to be powerful and relay an event on it's own.
Mary, Mary certainly tops the top 3 books I've read.
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