Friday, May 2, 2008

Kiss Me While I Sleep

Kiss Me While I Sleep, an incredibly original novel penned by International Bestselling Author Linda Howard. This book lacks all the predictability of many love-stories and adventure novels, but it's incredibly refreshing to read a book without knowing how it's going to end, since so many books follow the same old pattern.
Linda's work is well-written and captivating and I'll definitely be looking for more of her books.
Kiss Me While I Sleep tells the story of Liliane Mansfield, a hired assassin who works as a contract agent for the CIA.
After many years of service, Lily is drawn into a dangerous game - seeking revenge for the deaths of her friends and their adopted daughter, whom Lily found abandoned at the age of 3 weeks and rescued from a certain death.
In the process Lily takes incredible risks with her own life in circles where very dangerous people move.
Another CIA agent, Lucas Swain is brought in to either "bring her in or take her down". Lucas is drawn into the game with Lily when she puts her trust in him. Can she trust him? Is the nagging feeling that he is CIA the correct one?
A story of incredible love, understanding and connection unfolds as Lucas puts his career and life in the balance in the process of bringing Lily in or taking her down. It's hard to think about business when you understand a 'criminal's' motivations.
An incredible book which grabbed from the first page right to the last.
By LizetteBalsdon -

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