Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Body in the Gallery by Katherine Hall Page

Due to the bad economic conditions, Faith's catering business has taken a downward spiral. Patsy asked Faith to come over for coffee. Could this be the good news Faith has been waiting for? The Avery's were childless and have seen many specialists. Maybe Patsy wanted to tell Faith some good news about a "blessed event".
When Faith arrived at Patsy's house she soon got the news - not one of a blessed event but something Patsy had planned for the next evening. The Avery's had loaned the museum a Bearden collage. Patsy had a very strong suspicion that the collage that is now in the museum is not the original because something was "off" with the signature. Patsy was not at expert in spotting fakes but since she lived with this piece of art, there was a very strong vibe that something was not right. Faith could not understand why Patsy just did not go in and look at the piece of art during the day. After all, Patsy is on the Board of Trustees. Patsy informed Faith that if something is going on with the piece of art the last person she wanted to alert is the director.
It doesn't take Faith very long to realize that the Aleford's Ganley Art Museum is not what it is cracked up to be. Through Patsy's urging, Faith agreed to take over the café at the museum. Strange things begin to happen. Faith finds a female body floating in a tank. Is there a connection between the dead body and the fake art?
Is Faith successful at solving this case?
As always, Katherine Hall Page's Faith Fairchild novels are a joy to read. The quality that makes this book really good is that you will have a difficult time trying to pinpoint who committed the crime. The author does an excellent job of keeping the reader guessing. There is also a subplot in The Body in the Gallery, which involves problems Faith is having with her middle school son who is involved in a cyber bullying incident. It is interesting to see how Faith and her husband deal with this situation. Katherine Page Hall is the only author who has received the Agatha award in three separate categories. The reader will understand why after reading The Body in the Gallery.
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