Thursday, March 27, 2008

Twilight Book Review

Author: Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Best-seller
Point of View: 1st Person
Pages: 498
Age Recommendations: 16 and up
Main Characters: Isabella "Bella" Swan, Edward Cullen
Plot: Isabella Swan moves from sunny Phoenix, AZ to rainy Forks, WA where she finds that she is the center of attention at her new school. Her first day of school, she meets the gorgeous, mysterious Edward Cullen. While sitting next to him on her first day of school, Edward displays extreme tension. This leads Bella to believe that he dislikes her. However, his attitude toward her soon begins to change. As time passes, Bella and Edward are repeatedly attracted to one another, even though Edward desperately tries to stay away in order to keep her out of the danger that he will likely put her in. Bella eventually learns from her friend Jacob Black of the Quileute tribe and her own observations that Edward and his family are reformed vampires who substitute animal blood for human blood in their diet, although she doesn't believe that he is a vampire at first, she confirms it later when he rescues her from yet a van that headed straight for her.
During a shopping trip with her girlfriends, Bella becomes lost and is rescued from a gang of lust hungry men by Edward. On the drive home, Bella asks Edward all sorts of questions about being a vampire. After that night, they begin their courtship and fall deeply and madly in love. Because Edward thirsts for Bella's blood more than anyone else's, it is difficult for them to touch.
One Saturday, Edward takes Bella to a secluded meadow and shows her how he looks in the sunlight, like a twinkling Greek God. After Edward realizes how much he loves her, he knows that he would never do anything to hurt her and is able to touch and even kiss Bella.
After meeting Edward's family and during a baseball game, they encounter a pack of unfriendly vampires who try to kill Bella. Desperate to protect Bella, Edward sends her to Phoenix, but the deadly vampire, James is waiting for her, and traps her, but Edward is there to save her.
Impressions: Meyer does an excellent job laying the foundation for the story. She intertwines events and characters flawlessly. Surprisingly it is a love story, and the reader will be sucked in after the first chapter. As crazy as a story of a teenager girl and a vampire falling in love is, it is an excellent story and definitely worth your time.
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